Debbie has always had creative passions, wnether it was sewing, painting, woodworking, cooking, gardening, making stained glass or just crafting. For years she rented spaces in crafter’s malls or did craft faires but wanted something more.That’s how Lady Bug Lace came about. A friend invited her to go to a quilting qroup. She had never quilted so she checked it out. Her love for sewing allowed her to start with making blocks of the month or mystery quilts but always wanted to change something so she then started designing and wanted to bring joy to others and inspire their creativity.

Although Debbie and her husband have owned many businesses, ranging from a computer consulting firm to a print shop, her true passion has always been creating. Her mother taught her and her 4 sisters how to sew and make their own clothing designs.  She many times fought with her sisters for the best fabrics in her mother’s stash. Now as a grandmother, she loves to involve her three lovely grand-daughters in creative projects and can’t wait to teach them to sew and quilt!

Lady Bug Lace is a pattern design company dedicated to providing custom designs, patterns and kits that incorporate fabulous fabrics in colorful arrangements with easy step-by-step instructions to ensure the enjoyment of all you purchase them. It strives to inspire customers to experience the relaxation, joy and satisfaction of sewing and quilting.